What is Lead Generation and how can it help my business?

There are many ways to go about it, but the end result is to generate more leads for your business. We can create sister websites that are designed to rank for specific key words, or we can broaden your outreach on social networks by creating sales funnels.

Guest blogging is another effective tool because it takes the audience of another competitor and drives them to you. Vice versa.

Print ads and the classic business card dropbox are also different ways to get more attention to your business.

What are the most effective ways to generate leads?

Ranking well on google is key, because that’s free and consistent traffic, however your website can only be stretched so far before the content becomes inconsistent with the frame.

Therefore creating small sites, whose purpose is to rank for lesser known but still valuable keywords. Have enough small sites to do this will generate overtime a significant amount of leads.

In order to create these small sites, you have to know how to do SEO, and how to collect backlinks so that the websites can maintain high rankings in search engines.

Paying for ads is another good way and that requires having a marketer who is able to split test different ads in order to evaluate which approach is better.